Editorship & Proofreading


Writing means leaving a message from today to tomorrow, beyond and far. Every person also has messages from himself to leave to others. RumeliYA Publishing & Publishing also helps authors and candidate writers to leave these messages with its editorial service.

The editorial service is provided to individuals and institutions without discrimination. This service aims to transform what will be written into text in a discipline, and to offer writing knowledge to the service of writing enthusiasts.

Popular and academic editing is offered within this service. The editors assigned to the work included in the scope of editors deal with every point from the determination of the style appropriate to the context of the work, within the context of content and meaning, from size to layout.

You can upload the work you want to get editorial service from the submit book text section.


Before the works meet the reader, they should be reviewed in terms of spelling, punctuation, meaning, writing rules and style. The job of the editors is to help the author to present what he wants to tell the reader in the most accurate way.

RumeliYA Yayıncılık & Publishing provides editing services to writers, journals, publishers and every institution that produces texts by experienced editors at both popular and academic levels. Editing service is provided for Turkish texts.

Editing service is specific to individuals and institutions, it is not shared with other people and institutions. Full satisfaction oriented service is provided. It is delivered at the appropriate time according to the length of the text. The quality and conformance of the text are guaranteed.

You can upload the work you want to receive proofreading service from the send  the submit book text section.

1. Academic editing

The emergence of research studies as a solid text is possible with an accurate knowledge of language use. In order for the articles, books and reports to comply with the written expression rules, it is a requirement to be subjected to academic editing.

In academic redaction, punctuation, spelling, meaning, sentence, style, use of resources, article writing rules, the format of tables and pictures, and citation order are controlled. It is made suitable for the required conditions. As a result, the text is made understandable, legal and easy to read.

2. Personal text editing

Copywriters should show their work to the second and third eyes. The compliance of the works with the narrative rules increases the reputation of both the authors and the works, and gives the reader confidence. The editing procedures of works such as novels, stories, memoirs, travels are done by RumeliYA Publishing & Publishing in the most correct way.

3. Institutional text editing

Each institution uses ready-made texts for internal and external transactions, and creates new texts. The soundness of these texts increases the reputation of the institution. Institutional texts, websites, forms, contracts, etc. are edited. This process is private to the organization and is not shared.