Writing Rules

Title: Title should be descriptive, relevant to the content, and written in 11 point boldfacetype.

Author(s) name(s) and address(es): The name and surname of the author should be under the title of the article, and the footnote should include the title, university, faculty, department, e-mail, ORCID ID.

Main Body: Body must be in book format (16x24 cm.), typed in Microsoft Word or similar software with 10 point Georgia typeface, with full line spacing and 12-point spacing before and after. Page margins from the top 2.5 from the other 2 cm. spaces should be left and must not contain page numbering. The body of the submission, excluding abstract and bibliography, must be between 5 to 30 page. Paragraphs should not be indented.

Footnotes: Must be single-spaced and written with 8-point typeface.

Chapters: Articles may be organized into chapters and subheadings for convenience, and these may be numbered if necessary.

Tables and Figures: Tables must contain a title and a number, and placed relevantly within the body text. Figures must be suitable for color printing. Figure numbers and titles must be immediately below the figure and centered.

Images: Images must be high-resolution, scanned at print quality, and placed relevantly within the body text. Images are subject to the same title conventions as figures.

Quotations and Citations: All articles must follow the citation and reference guidelines below. Incompliant submissions will be returned to their authors for correction. Quotations in the body text that are more than a few sentences long must be indented 1 cm. from left and right:

References: Sources used in articles must be cited as follows in the BIBLIOGRAPHY section to follow the body text:

The BIBLIOGRAPHY section at the end of the body text must list the sources in alphabetical order of authors’ surnames. Entries must have hanging indent (Paragraph-Indents and Spacing-Indentation-Special-Hanging Indent). Although there are bibliographies in different writing systems, the bibliography with Latin writing system is requested.

Refer to the APA style manual for citation and bibliography. (http://www.apastyle.org).

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