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R-1 Formatting according to the journal's article writing guide

3  $

∼2 day

R-2 Detailed language and expression editor

6  $

∼4 day

R-3 Academic language and style

9  $

∼4 day

R-4 Upload the article to the journal

10 $

∼2 day

Note: Our prices do not include VAT. Duration information is approximate for a 10 page article. The fee is paid immediately after the agreement. For overdue or delayed services, we deduct 3 percent per day from the fee.
1 page counts as 250 words.

Formatting according to the R-1 article writing guide

Necessary editing studies are carried out according to the Article Writing Guide.
Editing titles, subheadings and paragraphs,
Making the page layout suitable for the guide,
Setting figure and table captions,
Arranging in-article citations according to the guideline,
Arrangement of the bibliography according to the guide.

R-2 Detailed language and expression editor

Elimination of speech disorders,
Ensuring the integrity of meaning and logic,
Bringing fluency to the work,
Elimination of punctuation errors,
Correction of typos,
Communication of detected academic errors.

R-3 Academic language and style

Compliance with the expression required by the field,
Compliance with scientific explanation,
Title, subheading, abstract, introduction, conclusion, font, table, diagram, graphic, source and bibliography, citation control
Person identifiers, non-personalized structure, roof control
Controlling phrases to avoid
Control of metadiscourse expressions

WARNING: RumeliYA Publishing & Publishing only provides editorial and proofreading services. Besides, our way is closed.



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