WEB Editorship


Redaction (Correction)

Redaction 250 words (1 page) $ 6

  1. Necessary arrangements are made according to the size of the book.
  2. Editing front pages
  3. Editing headings and paragraphs
  4. Making the page layout suitable for the guide,
  5. Elimination of speech disorders,
  6. Ensuring the integrity of meaning and logic,
  7. Bringing fluency to the work,
  8. Elimination of punctuation errors,
  9. Correction of typos,
  10. Communication of detected academic errors.

Edition (Writing)

Edition (Writing) 250 words (1 page) $10

  1. Compliance with the expression required by the field,
  2. Title, sub-title, introduction, conclusion, table, diagram, graphic, source and bibliography, citation control
  3. Person identifiers, non-personalized structure, roof control
  4. Controlling phrases to avoid
  5. Control of metadiscourse expressions