Referee Evaluation and Completion of The Process

The texts of the books that have passed the preliminary evaluation are sent to two referees with the title of doctor in the field for evaluation. Referees press the accept button in the message sent to their e-mails and accept to evaluate.

Referee evaluation period is 15 days. 1st warning is sent for arbitrations that are not made within 15 days. An additional 7 days is given. If it is not done again, a 2nd warning and an additional 7 days will be given. If it is not done again, a new referee will be assigned to the article without a third warning.

After the referees accept to evaluate, they download the text of the book from the system. The referee fills the evaluation form on the system. Writes evaluation messages to the author and editor. Marks the evaluation result. If he has made an evaluation on the text of the book, he sends that text to

Referees look at the rules of book writing, book content, originality and scientificity. An evaluation must be written in the notes to the author and editor. The reason for the rejection of the rejected book texts must be written.

Two admissions recipients; The text that receives an acknowledgment of a correction is accepted directly. The text that receives two revisions is sent to the revision. The text that receives a refusal and a correction is sent to the 3rd referee. The decision of the 3rd referee determines the outcome. Text that receives two rejections is directly rejected.

Accepted and corrected manuscripts are sent to the authors, and final versions arranged according to the referee's suggestions are requested. The final versions of the correction areas are sent back to the referees for viewing, if requested by the referees. If the referees do not see any problem in the text, it is accepted. The authors are asked for the final version of the text within 7 days.

The finalized texts are processed for graphics and layout. PDF versions are sent to the authors for final checking. If there are corrections, they are asked to mark and add notes on the PDF. PDF texts are sent back to Thus, the process is completed. No corrections can be made after this stage.
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