Author and Text Consulting

Writing a text is, in a way, a construction activity. As every construction has an engineer, there are certainly engineers in the text. If your job is not to write or edit text and you need to write a text or you want to show the text you have written to an eye familiar with the text, you are in the right place.

So what services do we offer under the name of text consultancy?

1. Academic text consultancy (Theses, scientific books, articles...)

The language of academic texts is formal, cold. Such texts include undergraduate, graduate and doctoral theses; scientific books and articles. From the title to the abstract, from the keywords to the subheadings, from the conclusion to the bibliography, each part requires separate attention and technical knowledge. With years of experience, we do your academic text consultancy in the best way.

2. Script text consultancy (TV series, movies, theaters...)

When it comes to scenarios, TV series, movies and theaters come to mind. Such texts always require social life, the dialogues in life, the lines created according to the characteristics of the people, the passage of the text from one point to another. Requires mastery of such text types. Attention should be paid to the time and space element in the lines. This service, which is offered to producers, helps the works to be established more solidly.

3. Novel and story text consultancy

Writing is resistance against time and space. The novel and the story are also ways of resisting time and space, staying in spite of them. It will always be beneficial for you to write the novels and stories you have written with the help of a consultant or with the support of a consultant so that they remain as a solid text for the times after you and other times.

4. Ad copy consultancy

Ad copy has to be interesting. It should attract the seer and drive the reader. Here, let's find you both attractive and executive statements about advertising copy consultancy. Let your company and product be recognized. Let you and your product find a place in the realm of existence.

5. Magazine consultancy (School magazine, corporate magazine, popular and academic magazines...)

The publishing world is going digital very quickly. Every text spreads faster on the digital platform, is recognized and known. Journalism - whether it is school, institution, popular or academic - has shown that it is a part of the digital age. Let us offer the text and graphic consultancy of all types of magazines, whether in print or online, with years of experience.

6. Corporate text consultancy (Contracts, internal texts, texts between institutions...)

Institutions are almost like publication centers with the texts they produce internally or the texts produced as a result of relations with other institutions. But starting a text requires just as much precision and experience as starting a company. As a result of the service we provide to institutions, your reputation should be in place and your message should be accurate.
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