Publication Principles

RumeliYA Yayıncılık & Publication started its broadcasting life in 2020 in the field of language, literature, folklore, culture, translation science, language and literature education; It is a journal in which academic, scientific and research-based articles are published. Although the publication language is Turkish, texts from English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Persian and other world languages are also accepted.

The texts to be sent to RumeliYA Yayıncılık & Publication must not have been published anywhere before. All responsibility in this regard belongs to the author. In studies supported by a research institution or fund, the name of the organization providing the support and the project/study number should be given, and this institution or organization should be indicated as a footnote in the study. Since it has not been stated or determined that it has been published anywhere before, legal consequences related to the copyrights of the published works belong entirely to the author(s).

A plagiarism report should be uploaded to the "Additional Files" section by the author for each text. Files to be added more than once must be compressed and loaded.

The works sent to RumeliYA Yayıncılık & Publication are submitted to the evaluation of at least two referees by the decision of the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board may have the work reviewed by more than two referees when it deems necessary. The final decision on the work to be published is made by the Editorial Board, taking into account the opinion of the majority of the referees. RumeliYA Yayıncılık & Publication reserves the right to make corrections, publish or not publish the articles.

If the Editorial Board deems it necessary, necessary corrections may be requested from the author(s) by taking into account the opinions of the referees. The author(s) must fulfill the correction suggestions specified by the referee and the board within the given time. The author(s) may object to the negative opinions of the referees, provided that they show evidence. This objection is examined by the Editorial Board and if necessary, a different referee's opinion is sought. In order for the studies to be published, the author(s) must take into account the opinions and suggestions of the referees and the Editorial Board.

The publishing rights of the published articles belong to RumeliYA Yayıncılık & Publication. It cannot be quoted without showing the source. No royalties are paid to the author(s). If the works sent for publication in the journal are not published, the copyright will be returned to the author.

If the referees do not evaluate the work within the period to be determined by the Editorial Board, the Editorial Board may send it to different referees for evaluation. The names of the author(s) and referees in the studies sent for evaluation are mutually kept confidential. Identification statements are not written in the texts sent.

In the works sent to RumeliYA Yayıncılık & Publication, it is obligatory to comply with the grammar rules (spelling, punctuation, clarity, clarity, etc.) at the maximum level and to comply with the most recent Spelling Guide published by TDK. For this reason, the author is fully responsible for any problems and criticisms that may occur.
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