During the submission of the work, 800 TL is charged as a result of the evaluation, regardless of acceptance or rejection. Services included in the payment include editorial service, typesetting, revision, graphics, layout, printing-distribution and promotion processes. The fees for the sections that are not accepted for publication are refunded after the printing process is completed.

Account Information (EFT):

Buyer: Yakup YILMAZ

Description: RumeliYA, Name Surname

Bank: T. İş Bank, Kırklareli

(TRY) IBAN: TR42 0006 4000 0011 4001 1447 84
(€) IBAN: TR05 0006 4000 0021 4000 2066 79
($) IBAN: TR89 4000 0021 4000 2310 66

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